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Doreen Dube- Energy Healing Practitioner

What can I say?  I LOVE being an Energy Healing Practitioner.  It has been an amazing series of events that has brought me to doing something that is so heartfelt and so pure that I am repeatedly humbled and grateful for the opportunities and people that have lead me on this journey. 

I have been studying and participating in energy work for many years. It feels very natural to be helping others by sharing in their journeys of holistic health, personal discovery and healing. 

I am a Reiki Master Teacher which means I can practice Reiki as well as hold classes to teach others.  I am certified and attuned to several different Reiki modalities and am also a Certified Crystal Healer, Aromatouch Practitioner (essential oils), Access Consciousness Practitioner and Essential Oil business owner.  I hold a safe place for your 'internal work'  as you begin to heal, release & clear that which needs to be brought back into balance during a session. 

Sessions include of mixture of Reiki, Tuning Forks, Access Bars (32 points on head), Essential Oils, Singing Bowls and/or Crystals.  Each session is different based on what I am 'drawn' to use for a particular client on that day. 

Utilizing several modalities has led to incredible transformations for many people. The healing or shifting in people is brought about by the client themselves, by just being open to the possibility of change and allowing the energy to flow freely.  

This work clears stagnant areas that are creating energetic blockages that often lead to disease and pain.  Once cleared, people can begin to see a brighter version of themselves and others.